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The Changes Series

The Beast Within

The Beast Within


Before that dreadful morning, registered nurse Danielle Smith seemed to have it all. She had managed to find the perfect balance in the wine country of Southern California, sharing her life with the brilliant neurologist, Nathan Smith and their beautiful twins. What should’ve been a routine day quickly became a cluster of forgotten moments and the catalyst to her worst nightmares come true. Danielle’s normally calm demeanor is easily cracked under the stress of her new found uncontrolled rage. Her seemingly picture perfect life is shattered as her symptoms intensify. Between the lost time, strange sensations, and rage infused thoughts, Danielle is starting to wonder; is she the only presence in control of her body?

Soon a devoted Navy Seal, Sgt. Killian will find his way into the web that has Danielle ensnared through the clandestine Inquisition Special Forces; but he too will question his reality and his purpose.

Determined to fight against the seemingly growing evil within her, Danielle is forced to make life altering changes that threaten to tear away everything she holds dear. Any choice dredges up the truth behind long-held lies and pain she has never had to overcome. The only thing certain is that anyone caught in her turmoil will pay a hefty price.

"The Beast Unveiled"

Danielle’s life has been turned upside-down. Her earlier symptoms are gone, but they’ve left a darkness in their place. With her transformation sealed, her descent into the world of the unknown can’t be stopped. There’s a part of her that believes she deserves to be caged and hidden away, but what about her children? Danielle would give her last breath to Alexis and Cameron; but now that she’s in the hands of the Inquisition, there’s no telling if they’re safe or lost to her forever. She thought they were safe with their father, but Nathan has proven to be nothing like the man she thought she had married. Who was this man and why was he really in her life?

Killian might be the person Danielle needs to make it through all this, but she could be his undoing. Ever since the Inquisition and Danielle entered Killian’s life, his path has become murky. Danielle blurs the lines between ally and enemy while danger begins to reveal itself around every corner.

The dark friend that lives in deep within her has been helpful so far, but maybe it’s still too volatile to fully depend on. Can she find a way to keep a strong enough muzzle on it to keep it under control?