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Talking Talkie-Words while Cleaning & Thinking of Paris...

Today turned out to be a wonderful day! By means of my artful use of multi-tasking, I was able to run my mouth on the phone with my best girl-pals for an amount of time that should’ve rendered my tongue useless while I cleaned the house. Now with that being said, when my kids and/or husband come to me looking for a shirt, permission slip, favorite pen, etc. I’ll have no clue of where I stuck it.

That’s the drawback of cleaning and socializing at the same time. For the most part it works. It’s almost like riding a bike, once you learn how you never forget. However, there are a list of do’s and don’ts that I have to abide by while I hone in on my gift of gab.


·         clean the bathroom

·         vacuum the house

·         wash, dry and fold the laundry


·         clean your room thoroughly

·         organize an area

·         put up the laundry

There was actually a time I was so enthralled with my conversation that I placed the ice cream in the cupboard and put the peanut butter in the freezer. Of course it took me three whole hours to realize what I had done, leaving me with a big sticky mess to clean. Another time I put away the laundry and ended up having to console my son after his shower because he thought I had replaced all his superhero underwear with girl’s panties. Attention to detail just doesn’t exist in my world when I’m on the phone.

That leads me to what I wanted to talk about… Yes, those two paragraphs had little to do with what I really wanted to talk about. I’m a writer, we’re naturally long winded, don’t judge me. Anyway, after finishing my conversations, I was cleaning my doodads and I came across the mini Eiffel Tower I had bought my daughter on my and husband’s trip to Europe last October. Since my brain was free to do so, I was thinking of all the wonderfulness Paris had to offer. Like most people, I was a love struck sucker for the Eiffel Tower. I first laid eyes on it at almost twelve midnight and people were still strolling about, communing with each other and eating on tasty street fare. Of course there were young, middle aged and old lovers scattered about everywhere. It was a truly magical moment that I shouldn’t have been able to be a part of. That’s because the Eiffel tower shouldn’t still be in existence.

The Eiffel Tower was dedicated in Paris on this day, March 31, in 1889. It was Gustave Eiffel’s design that was chosen out of 100 others to be the face of the international exposition in honor of the centenary of the French Revolution. At the time of its completion, the Eiffel Tower was the world’s tallest man-made structure. However, the Eiffel Tower should’ve been dismantled in 1909 after the International Exposition’s 20-year lease termed. If it wasn’t for its value as an antenna for radio transmission at the time, we could’ve been robbed of one of Paris’ many beautiful sights. As well as ruin my memories of kissy-facing my husband for social media selfies.

Luckily for us that parallel universe doesn’t exist, so FB has its plethora of kissy-face Eiffel Tower selfies intact! Yay us and good night all!