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Looking forward to life after Disney!

Okay this is kind of a continuation of my last entry, but I felt I had more to share. I’m happy to report that my family and I made it back from the world of Disney in one piece. For the most part the trip was a success. My husband and I received the “You’re the best parents in the whole world award!” a few times throughout the vacation. I’m sure our children will take them away the first time I mention to clean their rooms or my husband ask for them to feed the dog, but as parents we learn to live for the small fleeting moments of recognition. However, it was nice not to have to harp on them and just enjoy their presence.

I know it’s a huge responsibility being a parent. Sometimes through the day to day process I forget how much head space parenting takes up, but on vacation you can disengage all of that and just cruise along like your taking care of someone else’s children. Concerns of homework, grades and chores disappear and all that matters is that they’re enjoying themselves. I coined the phrase “parenting-light” during vacations.

With all this extra space in my head I was able to concentrate on the scene that was in front of me in the lovely world of Disney. It actually did look like the sweetest and happiest place on earth. Families that had at least a dozen people gathered together wore the mouse ears and shirts with their names plastered on them. They were busy taking pictures, all smiles and full of wonder. However, that got me to wondering. Why did they have their names and/or titles on their clothes? There was Billy, Tom, Shelly, Moms, Dads and etc. I know that wasn’t for them. I would hope they knew who they were to each other. So, was it for the thousands of strangers around them?  That would be weird.

An even weirder thought took hold of me. What if Disney World was secretly a meeting place for estranged families?  That would definitely explain the shirt name tags.

It’s also interesting to see how hordes of people react to each other. In light of my observations, I realize my fear of zombies is founded. I mean, there’s no escaping that amount of people. As soon as you enter the place you’re swallowed by a never ending sea of moving bodies. The only differences seen in a zombie horde from a Disney one is that instead of hearing moans, groans and the undead yelling “Brains!” you hear talking, laughter, crying and yelling that makes a cluster of sounds that could drown out the loudest of white noise. Oh, and instead of zombies eating the surrounding people. People are eating turkey legs the size of their heads at eight in the morning, while their children yell “There’s Mickey!” Okay, I’ll admit zombies are scarier, but not by much.

I did come up with a fun game that I didn’t even share with my husband until we had gotten back to the hotel room and the kids were out of earshot. It’s called. “Dodge that Parade!”  Disney has mandatory parades where you and your family are just walking along trying to get to the next line to wait in and “Bam!” you’re hit by a rope at your waist and a parade comes from nowhere. Seriously, my son was almost decapitated by that freaking rope, not very kid friendly at all. Anyway, the horde starts to Ooo and awe, locking you in with their strollers and buggies for the entire show. I wasn’t an ass or anything. I smiled and clapped along with everyone else. The sun was high in the sky and there was no shade to be had so I felt awful for the performers that were caked in makeup and draped in heavy costumes, but compassion only last so long before the want of not dying of skin cancer sets in. Disney did get me that time, but from that point on my ears were clued in and as soon as I believed I heard the coming of a parade I went the other way. At the time I thought my husband and kids thought I was crazy for just changing my progression through the sea of people out of the blue, but come to find out my other half was doing the same. It really is the little things that let you know you’ve found your match.

I know it doesn’t sound like it, but we did have a lot of fun and we joined in with taking silly pics as our voices mingled with the horde’s chorus. I notice my children are growing up fast and I’m happy to make these memories with them before it’s too late. However, I’m also happy to be home. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work I go. Happy Friday everyone!  

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