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*This is an idea I have been messing with and I just wanted to share a morsel with everyone! It’s a departure from Danielle’s story and entering another fictional world completely. I’m not even sure if the woman will be named what I have written down at the moment… So I’m very curious how you all take to the switch, please let me know what you think! Oh and either way this will be a project AFTER the release of my second and third book of my Changes Series, with Danielle. Happy Reading!*


My escapade began with a visit to a dear friend who had moved to a new state; and ended with a great appreciation for the South…

The first thing I noticed on my visit was the lush trees, millions of them. At least I felt like there were that many. Being born and raised in Southern California, trees in these multitudes were nowhere to be found. Even though I’m a Cali girl through and through, I loved the change of scenery. The air seemed fresher than what I was use to breathing. The lack of pollution was substituted with the local plant life pollens. I watched as it seemed to attack sedentary outdoor objects, leaving a yellow powdered film over everything. I was told the invasion of nature was normal for this time of year. I was mesmerized by the differences, but with every positive must come a balancing negative. The heat was close to unbearable. My friend let it be known that the heat was actually unusual for the time of year. For me it was less about the temperature and all about the humidity, yet another factor I’ve been sheltered from.

In trying to be the perfect hostess, my friend had the idea of a short road trip as a possible remedy to the heat. With a car full of junk food and sweet tea, we carved our path to Charleston. She told me I would love it for more than just the relief from the sticky warmth. Her knowledge of my love of history must have helped her choose our destination. I didn’t know then, but I would be more thankful than she could ever imagine.

After a stop-and-go back-road venture and many conversations we were finally close to our destination. The air was still too thick to have the windows open, but as we turned the bend the trees cleared enough for us to see a farm of some kind. Luckily for us my friend wasn’t as taken with the view as I was. The car came to a sharp stop and my attention was focused back to the road in front of me. There was a cow in the middle of our path. My friend and I looked at each other, exchanging a bewildered glance. It was quite obvious we both were at a loss of what should be done. Luckily for me the cure to what troubled us was jumping over the farm fence, shirtless. My mouth dropped slightly from the man crossing my vision’s path. I felt my mind trying to take it all in before he possibly disappeared as fast as he appeared.

The man I was so intently staring at trumped all of my adolescent celebrity crushes with one bound over the weathered enclosure. He looked in our direction only for a moment as he put up his left hand for a greeting or acknowledgement, but that was all we got before he turned his gaze back to our road blockade. I didn’t realize I hadn’t moved an inch as my brain continued to race and my pulse started to quicken. My eyes went from his buzz cut brown hair, to the five o’clock shadow hugging his rugged jaw, all the way down to his muscular lean abs.  Finally the voice of my friend broke through after what felt like an eternity.

I couldn’t concentrate on her words as I watched my Adonis walk off in a direction leading away from me. I felt an urge, a need if you will, to stop him; but how?

 I jumped outside the car and startled myself with the sound of my own voice. “Thanks for your help stranger.” I yelled most likely spooking the surrounding wildlife.

I was instantly mortified by my corny outburst. He turned around to face me with a knowing smirk spreading over his sweat-glistened face.

“No problem Ma’am, you must be looking for the place up the road. Just go-on and you will run right into it. Sorry for the hazard in the road.” He said in a sexy country drawl, before he turned back to his task at hand.

“I’m Faith by the way.” I said, still a little louder than I would have liked.

This time he didn’t look back but answered in kind “Nice to make your acquaintance Miss Faith. I hope you enjoy your stay in Charleston.”

I watched for a moment before I went back to the car, more than a little bruised by the incident. He didn’t even bother to give me his name. I felt he made his disinterest more than apparent. I wasn’t used to rejection. Not to toot my own horn, but I had beautiful caramel skin and blessed with more than my fair share on the top that tapered into a cute waist to only flow outward again, showcasing my voluptuous hips and bottom. I should be mad that he didn’t even bother to give a name. So why did I still yearn to be close to him?

I entered the car, trying to mask my defeat, but failing completely. My friend spared me the pep talk, but I could see my defeat reflected in her face. We followed the road to find the lodging where the stranger said it would be. It was cute, reminiscent of a time well past. If my path hadn’t crossed with he-who-decided-to-remain-nameless, I would have been raving about the architecture and emersion of the country themed B&B. I tried for the sake of my friend to fake my enthusiasm and hoped it went over well, hiding the fact I was looking for the man I knew was nowhere to be found.

The plan was to get settled, take a look around, go get something to eat in town, and hit the sack so we would be well rested for our trek into Charleston’s city proper. However, another issue reared its ugly head when we checked-in. The B&B’s air conditioning was broken and all the other guests had cancelled their reservations after finding out. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the message because my friend gave her home number instead of her cell. We were left with two choices: go find another place, or stay and be compensated a home cooked dinner, fresh biscuits included. The old couple that ran the place was so cute; we decided to rough it out for one night.

After dinner, I was full of great food and the couple’s stories of the days past. My friend told the couple of our close encounter, leaving out my embarrassing addition at the end. The wife went on to tell us she believes we met the farm owner’s nephew. And what a sweet boy he was for coming into Charleston from time to time to help his Uncle with the farm.

I almost scoffed at the mention of his manners. But I kept my ears open for the possible dropping of his name. Of course there wasn’t one.

My friend and I helped with the dishes and parted ways to spend quiet time in our own rooms before lights out. I took a long bath to wash away the day and when I returned to my room I saw a simple white nightgown lying across my bed. I then remembered from earlier conversations that the wife makes these especially for her costumers. I was surprised by how comfortable it actually was.

As time crept on, I waited for the night to cool, but relief never came. I got out of bed and went toward my open window, quietly wishing for a breeze. There was none to be had, but there was a beautiful view, bathed by the full moon. I was amazed how bright the moon seemed. I quietly tiptoed downstairs, entering the kitchen to pour myself some ice water before joining the night on the old country porch.

I relaxed as I enjoyed the song of the crickets. The only unpleasant aspect was the drooling heat. The chilled glass of water I was holding was my only refuge, until an idea popped into my head. With the water hose in sight I didn’t give the impulse a second thought. As the water came rolling out onto my waiting skin, I felt a rush of exhilaration and relief all at once. The makeshift gown stuck to my body as the outline of my bra and panty set became apparent.

After drenching my body, I turned off the water and grabbed at my gown to give it a wringing before letting it cling back to my skin as I walked to the porch to take my seat. I closed my eyes to go back to my meditations.

It wasn’t long before I caught the undeniable smell of cigarette smoke. My eyes opened in a panic. All I needed was the man of the house to catch me in a one person wet nightgown contest! Before I could work myself into a proper anxiety attack, a young man’s voice broke the country night air. I knew who before the sentence was fully said.

“Evening Miss Faith amused to see you out so late. Aren’t you city folk scared of everything?”

“Who says I’m from the city? It’s not like you know me.” I said, trying to hide my excitement at his presence.

He walked up to the first stair of the porch with his cigarette still in hand. I could see all of him and even with his shirt on he was a sight to be seen. I was then brought back to the realization that now I was the one on bodily display. With anyone else I would have shielded my partial nudity, but I wanted him to see me. I held my posture and kept my head high, keeping a stern face. He looked me up and down in one long glance before his half grin warmed his face.

He put out his hand towards me. “Follow me Faith; you will be happy you did.” He said with a wink and what I could only assume to be his signature grin.

My gut started to flip as I kept my eyes glued to his out reached hand.

“I don’t even know your name.” I said as I lifted my head to search his piercing blue eyes.

“Yeah, but you’re going to follow me anyway. So does it really matter Faith?”

I frowned slightly by the knowledge that he was right. I rose out of my chair and took his hand. There wasn’t any more talking and the trivial thoughts of fear were drowned out by his presence. In that moment he and I both knew, however crazy it may be, I was his.

I followed his moonlit path, the dry brush scratching my ankles as the jagged pebbles kept biting at my bare feet. But I never protested; I didn’t want to upset him. I was becoming increasingly shocked by my actions. Why was I open to following this stranger into the unknown? The panic I should have felt from the beginning was slowly building somewhere deep inside of me. As if he could read my mind his voice broke into my thoughts.

“We are almost there.”

Just then he turned towards me, stopping our forward momentum. Before I could stop myself, I lightly bumped into his stoic body. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Should I back up and wait for further instructions?

 The rocks underfoot seemed to offend the soles of my feet more urgently as we continued to stand in place. I decided to act, needing to end the stalemate…

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