Alanah Winters

Alanah Winters: Compelling fiction


As anyone could figure, launching a book is hard work, but I’m glad to report that I was able to get all the items on that particular list done for the day! Now it’s late in the afternoon on Wednesday and it’s my last day off before my work week begins. I could take a well-deserved soak in the bath tub… Or find the “List that must not be named” (I really call it that) and get to the housework that somehow accumulates even when I’m actively doing it. NO really, it does! The dirt fairies aka my children, scurries behind my back and mess up everything I had just cleaned then denies ever being there. I’m seriously considering installing nanny cams to catch them in the act. Anyway, back to the dilemma at hand, bath or chores???

Ah, I think I hear the dirt fairies’ bus stopping in front of the house, so no time for a bath or the forbidden list of toil. Instead I will get the weekday list that consist of homework assisting, cooking and quality time spent before getting them ready for bed. Then I will pass out while the television watches me. Cheers to good times, good memories and future guilt trip material to use on my children when they’re grown!--------- Happy Hump Day Everyone!