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The Black Death

I found out two things this morning on my way to work. Well, I found out more than two things, but anyway. The first thing was there are scholars at the University of Paris that believe the Black Death was “created” on this day (March 20) in 1345. It had to do with some combination or alignment of the planets during the 40th degree of Aquarius or something.  Now, that could be possible, but I have little to no knowledge what occurs when planets line up. I tried to look up the process, once I parked my car of course, and the information I found on the degree of Aquarius only confused me further.

However, I was able to get my history nerd-girl on with an article on the Black Death, featured on the History Channel’s website.   The Black Death was also called the Plague, but many of us know it now to be called the Bubonic Plague. To be sure, the people it touched didn’t care what it was called while it worked its way through Europe, the Middle East and Asia during the 14th century, killing over 25 million people.

Did you know that a group of Turks used their dead Plague victims as a form of bio-warfare? Yep, they catapulted their dead over the Genoans’ walls, hoping their enemies would take ill with the Plague. I wonder during this process if one of the soldiers looked at the other and asked if their tactic was going just a tad too far.  

There were many more fun facts, or rather informational facts… Sorry, there wasn’t anything fun about the Plague. Wait a minute; I just need to tuck back in my history-nerd girl, right there, okay good.  But if you wanted to know more on the subject The History Channel tidbit was great!

Now onto the second thing I learned this morning…

I learned that I hate weak coffee.  Yep, it upsets me to the 40th degree.  My horrible cup of coffee actually made me ponder if the planets had something to do with it. I understand my horrid cup of coffee shouldn’t be compared to the Plague… But it truly put a damper on the start of my day. A person’s perception is their reality.  With that being said I will refer to that cup and only that cup of caffeine deprived watery drivel as the mini cup of black liquid death.  So if you experienced awful coffee today, don’t worry tomorrow should be better. Happy Friday everyone!