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Alanah Winters: Compelling fiction

An Exclusive Mini Interview with Nathan Smith, one of the stars of the upcoming novel "The Beast Within"

I’m sitting at the bar of Dobson's Bar & Restaurant, located in downtown San Diego, waiting for my interviewee Nathan Smith. He, like his wife Danielle, is a main character in Alanah Winters’ upcoming novel The Beast Within. This is a departure from my earlier interview with Danielle. Instead of being in the park with the sun warming my face and the chirps of birds in my ear, I’m surrounded by the light chatter of the other patrons while the delicious scents of prepared dishes waft out of the kitchen. This place showcases the ‘power lunch’ that is still a staple, at least in this establishment. The impeccable tailored suits and business cards being swapped aren’t easily missed. Nathan isn’t the exception to this rule as he enters Dobson’s at one O’clock sharp as we had arranged.

He found me with ease, giving me a warm smile that seems to brighten his blue eyes. Or it could be his Armani stone-colored suit that compliments him completely. To be honest, all the women’s eyes were on him, but it seems he is unaware of all the attention that his presence garners.  

I jumped off the bar stool to greet him. With one fluid gesture he took my hand, saying his hellos, before undoing the buttons of his suit’s jacket. We both took our seats as he politely asked if he could buy me a drink. I had water in front of me, but I let him order me a drink anyway. That sexy half-smile Danielle refers to is an eye catcher. While waiting for our martinis, we fill the time with our own chatter. As the bartender comes back, Nathan knows more about me than I know of him. I realize that he knew my hometown whereabouts, the college I attended and even the subject of my dissertation. Other than his traffic-free drive here, I had no new information concerning him. I guess I let his charm disarm me a little too well. Needing to get back to business, I start in on my questions.

So I would like to start with what we do know about you. You’re a neurologist, father of two and married to Danielle. Is there anything else you can tell us of who you are?

Of course, I’m the president of the HOA in my community. I have a pretty decent golf swing. I…

Are you messing with me?

No, all those things I said are true. What would I gain by messing with you?

Oh, I just thought you were poking fun at my question.

No. I would never intentionally do that to anyone, but you did name my biggest credentials already so I was left naming my smaller achievements. Why, do you think the readers would find me boring?

No, it’s just my job to dig deeper.

So what do you think you’ll find during your digging?

I’m not sure really.

Hmmm. Okay, I’m ready when you are.

Ummm. Yeah, well. A fan in Anaheim, California doesn’t believe you’re part of a sleep study experiment at all and you might be having an affair with a man. Whereas another fan Laura, from Ireland thinks you might be an international spy.  What do you think about their thoughts?

Interesting, what if I said I was both? No, I’m just teasing; my life isn’t that fascinating. I would have to say I’m flattered that our fans feel I could be so crafty. If that’s what they were expecting of me, I guess I am boring. I get the spy part and even the affair, with my coming in late from work and all; but why the suspicion of homosexuality?

She believed the strong scent Danielle smelled could’ve been cologne from your lover.

Well, that’s fun. I know Alanah had a good laugh. She made sure you asked me that, didn’t she?

Actually she did. How did you know that?

Good guess. Isn’t it about time you ask me how I enjoy working with Ms. Winters?

Yes, please share your thoughts.

I believe Alanah has a profound gift of sharing a person’s true nature on paper. I have nothing but respect concerning her storytelling abilities. There’s just not enough time in this interview to share all my feelings about Alanah.

I have just one more question for you. I asked your wife the same question. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

Where I need to be…

That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. Thank you so much for being gentle with me.

Yeah, thanks for your time Mr. Smith…

Oh, you can’t leave until you finish your drink and try their famous Mussel Bisque. It’s a crime to come here and not have a bowl. I’m buying.

Well, I guess I could stay and try some.

I insist, you really did a great job. Bartender, we’re ready to order.

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