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Alanah Winters: Compelling fiction

An Exclusive Mini Interview with Alanah's & Danielle's Kids

I rise, leaving my rental car to enter into the elements; I don’t mind because Coronado beach is a refreshing seventy degrees. I waste no time setting up a portable table and some chairs in the sand for my third and final interview before the release of Alanah Winters’ novel, The Beast Within.

I now know Californians’ boast of their beautiful weather is completely founded. Even though the palm trees that litter the area give little to no refuge from the sun’s rays, the salty beach breeze that caresses my skin serves as an excellent substitute. So far I’ve been able to enjoy the wine country of Temecula before indulging in the beautiful historically-rich Downtown San Diego. However this time the change of scenery accompanies a change of pace. Instead of waiting for a single person to interview, I’m waiting for a party of four. 

These people are permanently on Alanah’s and Danielle’s VIP lists, which comes as no surprise since they’re their children. I know kids love everything about the beach so my setup is a healthy distance between me and the water. As I’m finishing up, I hear voices coming closer which makes me look up from my task. There are two adults accompanying four little ones. Actually it’s three little ones; Alanah’s daughter, Alex, towers over the rest of kids. Which makes sense with her being the oldest from the bunch. She’s also the only one that has a look of curiosity covering her face as her brother Sean goofs around with Danielle’s twins Alexis and Cameron. They stop in front of me more because the two adults leading them stop than any other reason.

Hello Everyone, Alex, Lexi, Sean and Cameron.

In unison: Hello.

Well, I’m not sure how much you all know, but I’m going to be interviewing you guys today.

Sean: Yeah, for my mommy’s new book she wrote.

Cameron: Hey, my mommy is in a book too!

Lexi: Duh, we’re all in the book. Mommy said we will be meeting and talking with Ms. Winters’ kids. Your mom is very nice.

Alex: [Pointing at Lexi.] What’s this little girl talking about? And why do they have the same names as my mom’s book characters? I thought we were going to do a mini interview for the book.

You are, but not on your own. You will be doing a mini interview with Danielle’s kids as well.

 [Sean and Cameron aren’t fazed as they take it upon themselves to find seats at the table. Lexi looks back at her nanny, Gina before she takes her seat. It’s only Alex that seems to be second guessing the whole situation. However a verbal okay from her dad unsticks her feet as she too takes a seat.]

Alex: This has to be a joke. I know Mom loves jokes, but this is much.

Lexi: What are you talking about?

Alex: She has the straw colored blonde hair and blue eyes Mom told me she was going to give them… No, my mom told me I would be meeting some of her characters, but I just assumed she was messing with me.   

Okay, maybe we should just start then. How old are you guys?

Boys in unison: Seven.

Lexi: Seven.

Alex: Eleven.

What if I told you all that you guys have a lot in common? What would you think?

Lexi: I would think that there’s no way we’ve got anything in common.

Alex: Well, think again kid. You’re basically the younger version of me and your brother is an older version of Sean… or at least he was. Kind of weird how she got that right on the mark, I think Sean was in Pre-school when she first started writing the book.

Lexi: What grade were you in?

Alex: Third grade, so two years ahead of where you’re at now.

Lexi: Nuh-uh. I skipped a grade, so I’m in second grade, kid.

[Alex rolls her eyes without saying a word.]

Sean: Wait, that means Mom put me up two grades and put you down one, right Alex?

Alex: Yep. I can also tell that your brother is a social butterfly like my little brother.

Boys in unison: I’m not a butterfly!!!

Lexi: They should be the jinx twins.

Alex: [Pointing back at Lexi.]  And she definitely will grow to have my mouth.

What music do you love that would surprise people?

Girls in unison: Beyoncé

Boys in unison: Jinx twins!

[The girls started laughing at the boys while they sat cutting their eyes at their sisters. Alex is the first to stop laughing.]

Alex: I guess liking Bey isn’t a surprise. I mean, who doesn’t like Beyoncé?

[The boys raise their hands.]  

Lexi: Cameron is lying. I caught him singing the “who runs the world, girls” song once.

Cameron: No I didn’t! I’m telling mom when we get home.

Sean: I believe you Cameron.

Alex: [whispers in Lexi’s ear.] Did you hear him sing it?

[Lexi shakes her head back and forth with a huge smile on her face. The girls chuckle.]

Alex: I like this kid. She gets the Alex’s seal of approval.

What’s one of your favorite movies?

Boys in unison: Madagascar!

Cameron: Can I trade Lexi in for Sean? He’s cooler than her.

[The boys high five and Lexi rolls her eyes.]

Alex: Guardians of the Galaxy

Lexi: Rise of the Guardians

Now for my last question, can you guys recommend our readers a good book?

Cameron: Anything from Dr. Seuss is awesome, right Sean?

Sean: Yeah, I also like anything from Disney for boys, like “Cars” and “Toy Story”. They’re good movies and books.

Lexi: Charlotte's Web is my favorite.

Alex: Kids…You guys got it all wrong. I will definitely have to recommend The Beast Within.

Sean: Mommy said her book isn’t for kids Alex.

Alex: Well the parental units might have a change of heart.

Dad: Nope.

Lexi: [Looks at Alex] Never hurts to ask.

Thank you so much for your time, you guys have been great.

Boys’ in unison: No problem.

Lexi: Yeah, thank you for making my mom famous.

Alex: Lexi no one is famous yet. Wait could this make me, I mean our moms famous, because I have a list of must meet movie stars. Would you say I should go find it and dust it off?

Dad: Alex, how about we master cleaning your room on an everyday bases first. Okay, I think it’s time to go.

Gina: Jeff’s right it’s time to go. If they have some time we could all go hangout at the beach.

[All the kids but Alex were overly excited.]  

Dad: It’s fine by me. Thanks again for the experience, I know they will remember this.

Kids: Thanks.

Alex: I will remember this even more fondly if I get to meet…

Dad: Nope.

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