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Good evening everyone! I’m sorry my post is coming out so late in the day, but I’ve been really busy with my book launch, which is today! I’m so excited and nauseous! I mean to say excited and nervous… Honestly, I’m feeling the whole spectrum of emotions today. Hey, it seems like I picked a great day to be in good company with others that may feel the same as I do. April 15th is a big day for me and many others with taxes being due. So relieve and possible nervous nausea ending in total exhaustion can easily be the theme for many today. However, I truly hope everyone that’s reading is going to be a little bit richer after filing.

The universe, as lovely as it is, never seems to slow life down enough for you to get everything in a pretty little bow. So, if taxes and of course the regular day to day things were finished, you’re doing great. That’s what I’m going to try to sell my husband on when he gets home from work.


Jeff: “I’m home.”

Me: “Hey babe. How was your day?

Jeff: “Pretty good. I hope your day went well with the book launch and everything.” *He looks bewildered by the empty, but clean kitchen.* I’m starving, where’s dinner?”

Me: “The book launch went really well and I got you covered baby. There’s a Hot Pocket duo with your name on it! No seriously, it’s marked in the microwave. And if you’re looking for your clothes that needed washing you can find them still in the hamper.” *Walk up to my shocked husband, putting my finger over his slightly opened mouth* (whispering)“Shhh. You don’t have to say anything; you’re welcome. *Then walk off into the bedroom to finish my book business and fall fast asleep before getting up early in the morning for my shift at work.*

…Yeah, I see that scenario working.

Anyhoo, I did manage to make time to have a stellar cup of coffee this morning and take in some history tidbits. Did you know that on this day in 1865 Abraham Lincoln died? It wasn’t the day he was assassinated, but it was the day he died from his wound. It’s also the day in 1990 that world renowned actress Greta Garbo died at the age of 84. Needless to say after I read those two accounts I was starting to second guess the day I had chosen to launch my book, just some bad mojo seemed to be clinging on to this day. However that’s when I read the article that changed my perspective completely.

This is also the day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947.He broke the color barrier in a sport that had been segregated for more than 50 years! Jackie Robinson is one of the many people that changed the face of America. Some have died for that change like Abraham Lincoln. However, if it wasn’t for those brave souls I would possibly not have the chance to be happily nauseous during my book launch! So happy, so blessed and yes still a little scared. Life’s good!

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