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Land vs Beach...

Today I decided to give myself a few free minutes to do with as I pleased and, shamefully, those few minutes turned into a full hour of nothing. Okay, maybe more than an hour, but that’s besides the point. I think I deserved some time that had nothing to do with responsibilities and due dates. So that’s what I did; I got a lot of internet nothingness done and nothing else. Or at least I thought…

Okay, at the end of my nothingness I came across this image:

I’m pretty sure most of you are looking at this picture thinking of which scene you would rather be in at the moment. I don’t blame you. I had the same thoughts going through my head. I looked at the countryside pic and thought how nice it would’ve been to be in the heart of the country, reading a good book in the freshness of the country’s air. Then my eyes fell over the beach pic and I thought how nice it would be if I was reading a good book, basking in the sun while the cool breeze washed over me. Truthfully, I was ready to be signed up for both. However, the image simply asks us to choose one, easy enough, right?  That’s what I thought too before I really started looking at the two options.

Hear me out first… Oh wait, that’s not right. Read me out first, okay?

Let’s just pretend that the two pictures shown were the actual places you would have to go after choosing “land or beach”. At first sight, it was a no-brainer for me. I was going towards the beach scene. It already had a lounging chair and a book! Plus, the water looked absolutely beautiful. What else could a person ask for? I even imagined the villa that had to be looking out at the water. So my mental bags were packed and I was good to go!

That was until I noticed the footprints going towards the water. Looks enticing, right? The water beckoned the person to take a little dip.  Wrong! The prints just disappears mid-step, like something came, lifting the person into the air. There’s a chance the tide came in and washed away the impressions from the sand, but again that half of step would’ve been washed away too. So it was obvious to me that something sinister was going on at that beach.

Anyway, I then turned my attention onto the countryside image, but now I was looking for things that didn't sit right with me. Again, at first nothing really caught my eye. It was a little barren for my taste, but there weren't any crop circles and the cottage that was out of the image was most likely really cute. What I was looking at had to be the barn. Yes, it was kind of an eyesore, but my eyes would be busy reading, so no harm no foul.

Until, I saw that this “barn” had a foundation. Most barns I’ve seen in the movies always had dirt floors. So what was up with the foundation on this one?

That’s when I realized that wasn’t a barn. It was a freaking house! I started to really study the structure then. I was sure I was looking at the back of the house, but there were no windows. So, the best case scenario was there were two windows in the front of it for the whole house, in the middle of nowhere. It was just too “Cold Mountain” style for me. *Side note * (“Cold Mountain” is an excellent movie!)

So my two options consisted of the beautiful blue lagoon that the man-eating monster from the black lagoon now inhabited or a tiny and possibly windowless frontier house in the center of nowhere.  I know when it’s thought out that thoroughly the only smart choice is the beach. The five- star villa is now vacant thanks to the black lagoon monster and someone has to finish the book that was left… Which one would you choose?

The weekend is upon us and I hope everyone has a relaxing break from the grind!

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