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Alanah Winter's #LiteMovieReview! on "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

I won! I had to knock some people out of the way, but I did it and I won! Okay, those people happened to be my parents. However, I believe they will be alright…

Umm, I might want to explain myself before someone gives me the “worst daughter” award. There wasn’t any violence involved with my win. I just had to move them over to take their usual (stolen) role of taking my kids to all the cool movies and leaving me and my husband with the duds. So when I realized “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” was out this weekend, I ran to the phone and called dibs before my parents could promise to take the kids without us (which was their plan, by the way).

I would like to say I felt a tinge of guilt for taking some of their cool points away, but they need to share the wealth. I did invite them to come with us tough, which they did. So I got mommy and daughter cool points today, score!

Anywho, this blog entry isn’t about how epically cool I am, but it is about how freaking cool the movie is. I mean, it had a little bit of everything. Well, for a comic book movie. Just to clarify, if you’re looking for a cerebral exercise of sorts, this is not your cup of tea. I repeat put down the tea. However, if you like a very well told comic book series that has action, comedy, moral standing, and a dab of romance; this movie will more than do.

The director, Joss Whedon, outdid himself. He made a sequel even better than his stellar “The Avengers” debut. If any of you are Joss fans (Buffy, Angel, and Firefly oh my!) you will love this movie just for that. It oozes him all over… I just made it weird, didn’t I?  Sorry about that, but to make it up to you guys, I will try my hardest not to give spoilers. Though in order to keep the promise I just made, the review will most likely be short.

Now on to the only negative I found in the movie… Nothing! Well, at least for me. However if your just getting into the Marvel world of awesome, this wouldn’t be the movie you would want to start with. The Marvel universe intricacies are long-reaching. What I mean by that is it’s played out through a series of movies. So if you haven’t been watching the movies that are also connected to “The Avengers” you may get a little lost.  And then it would be hard to appreciate Joss Whedon’s well-directed piece of work. Then again, you can fix all of that just by starting from the beginning with the first Captain America, Iron Man and Thor movies. They’re all pretty good.

I know I’ve been swooning about the film this whole time and I did say I wouldn’t give any spoilers (I won’t, I gave my word), but I have to say the villain in this movie is freaking awesome sauce with an extra dash of awesome. You won’t meet him right off, but when you do, you’ll know it. It was refreshing to have a villain that had layers that made him relatable, but still managed to be the “big bad”. Okay that’s all I’ll say about that. If you watch the movie you’ll see what I’m talking about, so much personality! Okay, no really I’m done; see I did good with keeping my promise.

Well I better get back to my family Sunday and I hope everyone has enjoyed their day as well.